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5 Top Tips to Carry a Fitted T-Shirt

Carry a Fitted T-Shirt

It's every man's favorite piece of clothing in the wardrobe and range from designer t-shirts to t-shirts you can buy in bulk. It's a simple item and requires little to no thought about when or how to wear it - at least that's a common perception. It's the default apparel, the go-to choice, the all-in-one solution for all occasions, and they are only replaced when they start falling apart. But is this the best route to take?

Paying attention to styling t-shirts is just as essential as any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. They should be treated with the same respect and accessorized with the appropriate shoes, belts, and bottoms.

There are certain aspects that factor into this: fit, color, style, fabric, and function. Here's how you can look amazing every time with everyone's favorite clothing:

1. Make it Fit

The common consensus is that men look more attractive and stylish in a fitted t-shirt. The t-shirt's fabric is designed to fit the masculine silhouette of the broad shoulders and narrow waist. So regardless of how you are built, a t-shirt can enhance your masculine attributes. However, there's a catch; the t-shirt design has to fit perfectly and highlight your best features without it looking like a second skin workout top.

The following rules can guide you while finding the right fitting t-shirt:

  • Shoulders: the seams should sit precisely at the edge of your shoulders.
  • Sleeves: Fitted around the arms only, don't let it extend to your elbows.
  • Length: it should be long enough to be tucked in but not too long so that it bunches at the waist.
  • Stomach: the t-shirt should create an illusion of the curve of your body but shouldn't be too tight around the abdomen.
  • Neck: there shouldn't be a big gap around the neck when you raise your arms, and it should be loose enough so you can move around comfortably.

Remember that there's a difference between a well-fitting t-shirt and skin-tight tops. The t-shirt should be comfortable and non-restrictive.

2. Color Correction

You must own designer t-shirts in all basic colors—white, gray, black, navy, to name a few.

  • White: is complementary to all skin tones. The classic piece should always be hanging in your wardrobe.
  • Gray: Gray is a mixture of different shades that enhances your body shape virtually.
  • Black: a versatile option that pairs awesomely with most outfit combinations.
  • Navy: more suitable than black during the day time and pairs incredibly well with jeans.
  • Other colors: you can experiment with colors of your choice; just make sure they don't clash with your skin tone.

3. Fabric Fusion

When looking for who designs cheap t-shirts, note the weight of the fabric since the quality is not related to it. In fact, a lightweight t-shirt fabric is likely to cost more. The most standard options are:

  • Combed cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Pima
  • Bamboo
  • Merino
  • Jersey
  • Polyester
  • Rayon

We recommend 100% cotton, especially Pima or Egyptian, which are longer-lasting, look thinner, and feel lighter.

4. Style it Like a Pro

The primary thing that needs attention is the collar. It would be best if you matched your collars when layering.

  • Crew or v-neck? Choose depending on your body shape.
  • Tuck in? In general, no.
  • Outfit? Follow the classic style icons like James Dean and Marlon Brando.

5. T-shirt's Purpose

You may wonder when it is appropriate to wear a t-shirt. The answer depends on the occasion. If you're going to be surrounded by a sea of t-shirts, then feel free to do so as well but with a designer t-shirt that exudes quality.  Concerts, bars, casual parties, and beaches are all acceptable occasions to rock a t-shirt.

While choosing any t-shirt design, make sure you select those that are intended for outerwear and not as an undershirt. Maintenance is of the essence if you want them to retain their integrity and longevity. T-shirts are the ideal wardrobe staple, and with the above tips, you can carry them with confidence and style just to ace!  


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