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EGYPTIAN-T-SHIRTS-DESIGNS-FOR-MENIn today’s modern and urban fashionable era, there is a rising trend of Egyptian t-shirts designs all around the world. Buying and wearing Egyptian t-shirts is a new fashion statement for all ages of men. The well-matched combination of designs and colors adds tremendous value to the wearer. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, these colorful and vibrant t-shirts can make an ideal difference in casual clothing wear for men. 

It is easy to choose and buy Egyptian t-shirts online or from a physical brick and mortar store at reasonable prices. Here are the seven best Egyptian T-shirt Designs for men in 2020:

Egyptian King Short-Sleeve T-shirt

This Egyptian short sleeve t-shirt takes a wearer to the ancient era of the king dynasty. Wearing this pyramid design t-shirt makes you feel and look unique. Made from 100 percent rung cotton with tubular construction adds a stylish value and appeal for men. 

You can have a choice of sizes and colors to show a spectacular look. It is easy to wear t-shirt that does not fade or shrink in a single wash. This tee shirt is designed for a perfect body fitting shape and ideal for any casual party occasion.

Egyptian King Waking Up Short Sleeve T-shirt

Buy and Wear this Egyptian King Waking up short sleeve t-shirt for men at reasonable prices. It is a fabulous design t-shirt that illustrates a background picture of an old mummy wrapped in layers of dressing bandage. 

This historic design t-shirt is equally popular among daring and enthusiastic young teens and adults. It is ideal for Halloween season and comes with small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The color variations include white, black, smoke, city green, heather dark grey, lake, maroon, and heather grey. Wear this ancient classic Egyptian t-shirt with a matching pair of jeans, trousers, shorts, and Pajamas.

Egyptian Queen Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Nobody can forget the fascination and beauty of Cleopatra. This Egyptian queen t-shirt revives the glorious era of Queen Cleopatra, who was the last dynasty ruler of Egypt. Every girl and woman can wear this short-sleeve t-shirt and feel herself like a crowned queen of Cleopatra. 

This amazing Egyptian queen t-shirt can be worn with beads and ornaments to enhance your charm and captivate a crowded attraction. Buy online and add to the cart now to get this t-shirt delivered to you right at home. Customize to any shape, size, and color and experience a soft and fresh casual appeal in the warm summer season.

Pyramid Tomb Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This pyramid tomb short sleeve t-shirt represents a unique printed design for men. It portrays a frightening picture of thunderstorms and lightning to show you an ancient and traditional Egyptian culture. Designed with shoulder taping and double stitched sleeves and perfect for young teens and older men to wear on casual and special Halloween parties. Available in seven colors and six sizes variations.

Queen Waking Up From Spacecraft Short Sleeve T-shirt

Wear this t-shirt and feel yourself like a space queen. This queen waking up from spacecraft short sleeve t-shirt illustrates a modern and urban creative sense and presents a distinctive visual design. It describes the terrific idea of waking up of ancient Egyptian queen from the space aircraft surrounded by stars and galaxies under the blue sky. 

Buy this customized and fit to body t-shirt with pre-shrunk and non-fading attributes. Built with a combination of cotton and polyester material and designed for casual and relaxed summer wear for all ages of men.

Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Mayan Sacrifice

Mayans are ancient Egyptians civilizations best known for their traditions and mythologies. This Mayan Sacrifice short sleeve t-shirt shows a history of a Mayan blood sacrifice of the lives of their babies and children to please their fake gods. The Mayans sacrifice their kids with arrows and pierce in the heart in the full moonlight under the blue sky at the altar near Egypt pyramids. 

Buy this trendy and urban short sleeve t-shirt and have a fantastic experience in the summer season. This t-shirt is designed for both younger and elder target audiences. 

Egyptian Eye T-Shirt

Egyptian Eye T-shirt is a popular design trend among young teen boys and mature men. This t-shirt design displays the eyes of Horus and shows the left eye of the royal god to prevent all evils and increase power and wealth. This one-eyed symbolic representation gives the mythology to improve all six senses of human beings. It is a fabulous short sleeve casual t-shirt ideal for summers and gives a light and comfortable effect on the wearer.


Hence, in a nutshell, those as mentioned above are the remarkable Egyptian t-shirts designs for contemporary and urban wear for men. The demand for classic and traditional Egyptian design t-shirts is ever-increasing and will continue to grow in the year 2020 and beyond.

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