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9 Best Funny Printed T-Shirts For Men 2019

funny graphic teesWhat if I told you that there is a potential way for you to have a better sense of humor and to look awesome at the same time? You would be on your knees asking me, wouldn’t you? But there isn’t a need for that! Since I believe men should be able to pick up girls or guys (a moment for all the closeted brothers please) easily, I deemed it necessary to share, what recently stumbled upon online – 9 funny graphic tees having the potential to make you look amazing and for a positive change, adding a sarcastic but funny touch to your overall persona.

Here’s a list of 9 best funny t-shirts I found online:

1. Abs or no abs, you still rock!

You always wanted to grow abs, right? These white funny t-shirts for men have an illustration of a perfect and pumped-up set of abs. So if you carry a rounded stomach or no stomach at all, with these tees? You can always flaunt your abs.

2. Don’t be racist

You hate your brown Indian boss, huh? He is always burdening you up with tons of work that’s way too difficult to get done within a day’s shift? These special funny t-shirts online are just for you – white tees with a huge bold text DON’T BE RACIST followed by hate everyone – cool!

3. Game over

So your best friend is getting married to a girl you know is a b****, tsk! You want to save him but you don’t want to hurt his feelings? I have just the solution – black graphic t-shirts depicting a guy getting married to a girl who’s holding a knife behind her back. Best way to subtly tell your friend “GAME OVER!

4. Do you want to fart?

Well, this one got me laughing for a good half an hour. I always wondered how I can fart but also give people a little head’s up. Then I found these brown (poop) colored tees that said in bold FART NOW LOADING and had a little charging battery icon under it that read 85 percent. Now every time somebody grosses out? I put the blame on them saying, “You should have read my t-shirt.”

5. Size matters!

These funny graphic tees have done a very special job, something probably every guy wanted to say out loud but couldn’t (social constructs, you know). So I found these light grey tees online with text that said, “MY (pen image) IS BIGGER THAN YOURS.” With these tees? You’ve said it, dude.

6. Tonsils or testicles?

Now I know this is going to sound a little rude but c’mon it was funny. So what I did was, I bought this all-white crew neck graphic t-shirt that had a pair of testicles illustrated right below the neck and I blind-folded my cousin (who is gay btw) and put this on him. Now if you have the imagination try thinking what it must have looked like. If you know you know!

7. Save pandas, they are dying.

A little sarcasm is sometimes also the right way to highlight buried topics. These funny graphic tees do something like that. A full grey t-shirt with WWF spooked panda logo imprinted – one panda was killing another one with a skateboard. If you think about it? It’s quite deep.

8. No bill, no life!

If you are tired of always paying the bill and now all you want is to be wasted all the time? I think these black t-shirts are the first step towards achieving that. These tees have a stick drawing printed with text that read out as “she is eating for two and I am drinking for three.” 

9. BRB Jesus calling!

I don’t know why Jesus jokes are always in – probably because Netflix recently launched a movie about him? So, these cream-colored funny Jesus t-shirts explain that Jesus is long gone. They have a sad brown Jesus face printed, following a text that says “Be right back” and all of us know he wouldn’t.

These 9 funny t-shirts for men aren’t just for trolling purposes, they are in fashion. And for a change, this is something every one of you out there should try. I mean, they are funny and in style, what more could you ever ask for.

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