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How to Start a Home-Based Men’s Designer Tee Shirts Business

Men’s Designer Tee ShirtsWork from home is less complicated compared to a full-time office job. When it comes to a home-based business, it is just the same thing.

Home-based designer men’s tee shirts business is very common nowadays. Take some minutes out to check out business selling t-shirts from home on Google, and you will end up hundreds of thousands of local brands.

Do You Know The Reason Behind The Popularity of Home-Based Men’s Designer Tee Shirts?

It is because starting home-based business of men’s designer tee shirts is less-costly and less-risky. You don't have to understand complex business principles but follow some tricks to stand out among competitors.

In this article, we will share some tips or tricks that will help you start and evolve your home-based t-shirt business.

1.   Target Your Market and Customers for Home-Based Men’s Designer Tee Shirts Business.

Have you heard the phrase that says, 'you cannot satisfy everyone in the room, but a few'? This saying sits well here. When it comes to opening your home-based t-shirt business, you are required to select the market and decide who the ideal buyer would be for your t-shirts.

2.   Design Your T-Shirt

Before stepping out of the world of business, it is advisable to start with small. Design your t-shirt. Choose the symbol, design, theme, color, or pattern you like.

Make a high-quality resolution template. Always consider the size of your t-shirt when designing the template. It should look good at your t-shirt size.


3.   Test your design

You can make mistakes as you are not a professional designer. Given that, it is better to test your design before spending money and time. Take your time to research your target market. Study your customers thoroughly. Check out if your design of a t-shirt will appeal to your buyers. See if they are interested in the design, and also what price they'd like to pay.

4.   Write a Business Plan

The home-based t-shirt business seems quite simple and straightforward. Indeed, it is. But your business requires a plan like any other business. Your business, without a plan, can lose an excellent opportunity for success. Your investments in money and time would be lost. Make a business plan that outlines your target market, your chosen products, your ideal buyer, your goals of sales, or your financial projections.

5.   Create a Business Name.

Don't sell your shirts anonymously. Every business owns a name. Your business should, too. So, create a name to make your business official. The name of your business should reflect what you sell, people who want to purchase your products, and your vision. For example, you can name it, 'men’s designer tee shirts sale'.

6.   Develop a Business Website

Give your customers an online platform where they can come and get to know about you and your business and order the t-shirts they love. Having a website in this competitive world can give you a good chance to take your business to the extent you always want. You can hire an expert developer for this, as well.

7.   Make Your Business Legal

Once you name your business, you need to find out the structure of your business and acquire the required credentials or licenses. A sales tax permit is required when you sell your shirts through your website or in-person. Contact a county business office or local city. They would help issue your business license.

You do not require a license or sales tax permit when you sell t-shirts through an online t-shirt service— Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba.

8.   Price Your T-Shirt.

Set the price of your t-shirt. To understand the value of your product, look through your competitors' product prices. Check various types of t-shirts to find the cost. The price you pay depends on the size, quantity, colors, or print you choose. Price the t-shirt based on other expenses so that you can offset the expense (not only T-shirt prices but other company costs, including promotion and other overheads). Don't set hefty prices; no one will buy them.

Start selling your men’s designer tee shirts!

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