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Vintage-Inspired Clothing Looks

Vintage-Inspired Clothing LooksIf you are looking for vintage innovations in your closet, but you are still not sure what fashion trends to bet, stay tuned. We have taken the pulse of vintage fashion shows, and what fashion insiders look like in the vintage fashion wear to the street style. And, we discovered that men’s designer T-shirts are a perfect example to showcase a vintage-inspired trend.

Looks with vintage t-shirts you would like to carry 365 days of the year

We bet you got several shirts in the closet of the 80s or 90s, personal or inherited, for which you feel an enormous appreciation. If so, take them out of the closet and follow the trend that has been triumphing among celebrities and influencers for a while now. Vintage rocker style T-shirts, those of retro brands, or any graphic print t-shirt inspired by films, series, or characters from past decades are a trend and should not be missing in your most urban and personal outfits. Let us show you top looks with vintage t-shirts that you will want to wear 365 days a year. Let the retro seduces yourself!

What is vintage clothing?

There is a general doubt about what vintage clothing is considered. It is harmonized to must have some antiquity, and it is not only the clothes but also the accessories. The general agreement is that it is clothing from the 1920s. In recent years there has been a fury of vintage clothing, more and more are interested in vintage-inspired clothing but also keeping up the contemporary buzz. Hence, we love the vintage inspired graphic printed T-shirts for men.

Recently, there has been a buzz that vintage clothing is one that is 10 years old if they are designer pieces. The latter, because several famous and influential designers have passed away. So it is considered that the clothes they created, although more recent, is vintage. The concept of vintage clothing is often confused with old clothing. But, this is the one that is more than 100 years old. For its part, retro clothing is new, but with a style that evokes the past.

The classic style is considered the opposite of vintage because it means that the pieces remain fashionable, that they have style regardless of the passage of time. That is, they do not reflect an era but transcend time — for example, trench coats, leather boots, white T-shirts, or blazers.

In general, the definition of vintage clothing is comprehensive. With the passing of each decade, new pieces are included in the vintage style, and clothing that was once vintage becomes classified as old.

Characteristics of vintage clothing to capture today!

We talk about vintage clothes, not a style of dressing. Your style may be to wear vintage, but vintage clothing is from a different era than today. Modern brands incorporate the vintage term into their clothing; this can be confusing for many new buyers. What you should remember is that a real vintage item will not say vintage on the label. Vintage clothing can be haute couture, as we said, but it can also be popular or custom designer brands.

Vintage-inspired T-shirts for day and night

And if you have a vintage t-shirt or you don't find any, let us guide. You do not have to worry much. Garb a vintage printed T-shirt, and that is it! Today from the big street style brands to the custom designers, all have taken picked models of vintage rock style t-shirts to channel a trendy look. Among the outfits with vintage t-shirt we recommend:

    1. Vintage rocker T-shirt with party clothes

    If you doubt an impressive combination for a party or evening event to give a certain informal and youthful air- a classic graphic T-shirt is all! A rocker T-shirt with metallic or leather pants is one of the best. A great idea to combine vintage shirts is to wear formal garments such as leather pants.

    1. Vintage t-shirt with jacket suit

    Nothing seems to resist this type of t-shirt, and celebrities do not hesitate to combine vintage shirts with the most sophisticated jacket suits and pants. A combination that, far from losing sophistication, adds a personal and most impressive touch. A set with a vintage t-shirt that can be worth to go to the office, dinner, or any event.

    1. Vintage and denim jacket

    Denim complements for a vintage t-shirt. This duo is ideal to give some casual air to the vintage rock or sport shirt look this season. Combining the hues of denim with this style has never been so simple. This is the look with the most retro vintage t-shirt vibe! The one with the vintage logo t-shirts with jeans and denim jackets. Total denim is one of the high trends of the season and its combination with shirts, mainly white, with logos full of nostalgia. This fashion concoction is one of the biggest bets if you like the basics and retro.

    1. Vintage t-shirt and eighties look

    Go back to the 80s and design a set combining a vintage t-shirt, pants, blazer and sneakers. And if you dare you can resort to accessories such as vests, sunglasses and the occasional trinket.

    1. Vintage T-shirt and bomber shirt

    We can't escape the influence of the 80s. Thus we return to one of the iconic garments of that decade, a bomber jacket. This type of vintage jackets is a trend, and if you combine them with a sports shirt or vintage rocker, you will get a total retro and casual look.

    1. Vintage shirts for a casual look

    It gives a sporty, relaxed, and retro look by combining retro sports shirts. Get that sporty look so the eighties when the big boy bands became fashionable. You can combine them with almost any garment, from tweezers to jeans.

    1. Dare with shorts

    Forget the shorts, and the pirate pants are in! Wear a graphic-vintage T-shirt with raincoats and even with blazers. 

    1. If you wear an American, double-breasted

    Suits with a double-breasted jacket and a comfy T-shirt tucked structured form suits. Look for something informal, a bit large, in fluid and wide fabrics. One recommendation: wear your jacket open.

    1. Surf (urban) style

    It doesn't matter if you like to catch waves or not, the surf and beach style comes back with graphic logo t-shirts. Pair them with printed shorts in red. Don’t be shy and bet on prints.

    1. Travel back in time to 90 (and rave parties)

    The sporty style that has taken so much in recent seasons now looks neon colors, oversize garments, and a look that seems taken from a rave party. One recommendation: if this style appears too much for you, find a cool T-shirt and wear wide sweatpants. 

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