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Say It With A Tee

Say it with a teeThe graphic t-shirt trend has been drumming up a hum for the last decade, and we’re all for it. From serious messages to funny t-shirts for men, they have become the latest medium to get your message across a broad audience without having to utter a single word. They can be used to promote one’s cause or heartfelt feelings or bring out the inner stand-up comedian—anything goes. Choosing such t-shirts can be overwhelming since there are endless options, and you may find yourself compelled to buy a hoard of t-shirts, but take a breath and narrow down your choices.

You can go with the flow and select one that’s currently a top choice with many. The following graphic tees have a huge fandom, and you can even get customized funny t-shirts online where you can decide what to say.

1. Rainbows  

If you think that rainbows are too colorful for your taste, then they’re perfect for showing the world that you’re sensitive to what’s going on around. Many times designers have paired rainbows with inspirational messages or phrases that tie in with their mission.

2. Animal portraits

The rise of animal influences on social media has given birth to a growing trend of animal portraits, as a means to celebrate them. You can have your own pet’s picture with a funny message or get one that reflects your views about animals. The purpose is to get a conversation started; it doesn’t have to be in solemn tones.

3. Artwork

Many famous artists are transcending from the conventional medium and moving their pieces on to t-shirts. Most of the artwork is a fan-favorite that’s been converted into funny shirts for men and is all the rage right now.

4. Mountains

Mountains are symbolic and represent challenges, setting goals, and achieving them. If you love nature, there’s nothing more suitable than getting a mountain print on your t-shirt. Their natural beauty reflects in fashion, and you can never go with a wardrobe malfunction wearing one.

5. Retro Typography

Designers are always taking inspiration from bygone eras, and currently, they’re trying out the 60s and 70s with retro fonts in psychedelic colors. A funny message written in groovy fonts and funky colors completes the look and is easy to pair with almost anything.

6. Bold Statements

Funny can be bold too. In fact, many times, something serious said in a funny way is more successful in getting the message across. This approach really works if you believe in something with a passion and want people to get to know you before they even talk to you.

7. Inspirational Words

Funny t-shirts online can also carry hope in dark times, where humor can be used in several ways. Printed on custom apparel, inspirational words can really promote your cause that resonates with that particular community and draws people together.

8. Off-Register Prints

This look of coloring outside the lines exhibits lightness and adds an exciting element to an illustration. The drawing that looks like a toddler has colored it, roots in the 60s, and has its own fan following.

9. Geographic Designs

If you’re interested in a campaign that’s happening in a particular geographic area or is just concerned about the world as a whole, then this design is right up your alley. It could be a world map, a city, or a reference to a location with its outline.  It can be customized to your liking: you can add words, mark a specific location or path of travel; your imagination limits the options.

10. Handwritten typography

Handwritten words or fonts have a lot of flexibility and can have different moods: it can be funky, retro, delicate, or bold. Your original funny comment or joke can become a meme-worthy t-shirt and become a coveted design of funny t-shirts for men.  You can have fun experimenting while deciding the mood you want to evoke with your text.

Funny shirts for men are so much more than a chance to laugh but can be used in a variety of ways to show people how woke you are. This is your chance to show your creative side while doing a bang-up job of looking good!

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