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Top 2019 T-shirt Trends

2019 T-shirt TrendsWe are almost through the year and with t-shirt designs floating in, we are already seeing a lot of trends in what’s popular in the tees’ world. So let’s have a look at all the top trends ranging from Jesus t-shirt designs, men’s graphic designer tees to typographic designs.

Let’s hop in!

    1. Vibrant colors

      As a matter of fact, we have noticed a lot of bright colors and vibrant designs in t-shirts for quite a while in 2019 – not only vibrant prints but the actual color of the t-shirts as well. Although, the best prints were imprinted on base colored tees.

        2. Heavyweight T-shirts

          Heavyweight men’s designer tee shirts have gotten their name because they weigh around 6 Oz, while the normal wear t-shirts are just 3.5-4 Oz. they are generally worn a little loose or baggy and with the hip-hop culture being at its peak in 2019, we got to see a lot of celebrities wearing heavyweight tees.

            3. Nostalgia-Inspired Designs

              We are not sure but there seems to be a huge demand for nostalgia – it looks like it’s something related to Stranger Things! From the entertainment industry to the fashion influencers, everyone and everything seems to be going back to the prime era of the 80s, and there has been a substantial reflection of this on t-shirt designs.

                4. Left Chest, Center-Aligned Back

                  This one makes a very bold statement as it never really went out of fashion. We have been noticing the small left print on the front and in contrast, a larger print center-aligned on the back. The reason why it’s always been a center of attention is quite unclear, but one thing’s for sure – we will always keep wearing it.

                    5. Jesus T-shirts

                      You’ve also been noting funny men’s tees around, right? Well, for some reason there seems to be a huge hype of t-shirts with Jesus t-shirt designs. Although, it still remains unclear why there has been an epic rise of funny tees in the fashion industry, probably because Robert Downy Jr. appeared in a funny designer t-shirt.

                        6. Mauve Colored

                          Are you wondering mauve is a girly color? At first, we were too! But let us tell you how immensely popular mauve-colored tees are in the world of men’s t-shirts. Everybody from Jason Momoa, Clive Davis to David Beckham appeared on the TV or Vanity Fair looking mauve-ly (very awesome and manly). So if anything, the t-shirt color of the year goes to mauve. 

                            7. Mineral-wash Tees

                              Mineral wash was first known as (acid wash). It’s done to give tees a textured color making them stand out. In 2019, the fashion industry released its best-kept secret in the form of mineral wash t-shirts evoking a grungy feel of the 80s and providing an amazing option for faded and worn-in looks.

                                8. Typographic T-shirts

                                  Another design that never goes out of fashion – typographic t-shirts have a unique capability to convey a message or make someone smile. Whether it’s a quote from Shakespeare, a company’s motto, a humorous joke or words to live by, if laid out in aesthetically pleasing ways, can be a great medium to connect with people.

                                    9. Unique and Multiple Texture

                                      One design that we have seen everywhere in 2019 is a fusion of unique designs with different textures. It’s a refreshing style to have multiple prints and it also creates an engaging contrast of textures. Traditionally, crew necks were in fashion but in 2019 we have seen a lot of styles, designer V-necks, tank tops for men, and even designer heavyweight t-shirts with multiple textures and unique designs.


                                      PICK YOUR DESIGN

                                      Whether you like mineral wash t-shirts or men’s designer graphic tees, opting for a t-shirt is still an amazing decision. According to a survey, every 2 out of 7 people in the US wear t-shirts. Following the last stated fact, another research concluded that let it be men or women, t-shirts make you look 20% more attractive. So, in conclusion, all we would say is that you just a few steps away to pick the top 2019 t-shirt trends. But that’s not all – because now with t-shirts you can manage to keep yourself up to date and also be 20 percent more attractive.

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